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Pleasant innovation: Citizens of European Union need no Visa for entering Georgia. If you wish to visit Georgia for less, than period of one month, you can book the ticket for the first plane. So, the issue "Visa to Georgia" is settled.


Visa is necessary for European people as well as for the citizens of Switzerland to enter Armenia. You can take Visa at the Embassy of Armenia before departure (Address in France: 9, Viet Str. 75017, Paris, Tel.: 01 42 12 98 00). 7-8 days are needed for receiving the Visa.

It is easier to take Visa at Erevan Airport. You fill application for Visa (which is often given out in the plane, or you can take it at the airport at the moment of arrival). You change Euros to Drams at special automatic machines and you can purchase Visa for about 40 Euros. Pay attention to the term on your passport, which must have at least 6 months of being in force.

Notice: If you go to Armenia from Georgia, you can receive Visa at the border; pay the amount in the currency and you'll need only presentation of the passport and filling the application there.


You can receive Visa in France at the Embassy of Azerbaijan (address: Iena Ave. 75016, Paris. Tel.: 01 44 18 01 75, working hours: 9:00-12:00 from Monday till Friday).

You must submit two photos, document of hotel reservation and pay cash for Visa.

You can receive Azerbaijan Visa in Georgia as well, but not at the border, but at the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Tbilisi. It costs about 60 Euros and it takes at least 2 days to receive Visa.


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